Software Division

We are revolutionizing business management through creating software solutions that are: Intelligent, Efficient and way more than Sufficient. Our intelligent platform, the Continuum, is an extremely customizable and abstract platform with three core intelligent engines. The Continuum and its engines are defining the future of business management.


Modernize your management system with our intelligent, tailor-made solutions. Every solution is made to match your unique needs and give you the very best of what technology has to offer.


Our Continuum platform is abstract, robust, yet generic enough to cover a great variety of industries. The Continuum can be easily customized to fit your specific industry.


Our team communicates with our clients to customize every solution needed to fit their workflow.

Robotics and Automation Division

“Science, in the Service of Man” is our motto at the Robotics and Automation Division. Our engineers create intelligent, cutting-edge solutions. We are contributing to making the upcoming era, an era free from dull, redundant and repetitive tasks in order to further push the development of the human race.


Engineers at Sypron are always exploring new technologies and integrating modern approaches into problem solving. Learn more about some of the technologies incorporated in our work.


Our products are what science, art and engineering combined together should look like. Our robots are intelligent, fast, reliable and secure, in short, they will take you to the future.

Advanced Development Division

“Change is the only constant” Our Advanced Development division is always exploring new technologies, creating new intelligent solutions, reshaping the existing solutions and contributing to reshaping what is out there. We create the change to ensure our position in the tech market and make Sypron Solutions a constant name.


Our engineers undertake advanced research and development activities on emerging technologies that can drive a new wave of innovation to new products and add competitive features to our existing products.

Research Projects

Our Engineers are working on a number of international and national research projects. The team takes part in a variety of active research groups.
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