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A cloud based all-in-one system, intelligent business management and communication platform that helps companies manage their own operations, and communicate with 3rd party B2B & B2C (customers, suppliers and other business partners).
Continuum’s three core engines, Equilibrium, Cerebrum and Solace, construct the platform solid infrastructure that is shared by all business modules. Continuum’s infrastructure ensures a full and seamless integration of data from different business modules that avoid data entry duplication and redundancy.

Intelligent Business Management Platform

Sypron offers a full suite of industry specific modules and features for every aspect of your business including ERP, CRM, Human Resources Management, Supply Chain Management as well as Data Analytics and Reporting software.   Our smart framework, is powered by our AI algorithms providing users with module recommendations and functionalities based on their industry and specific business needs.

Imagine the ability to create sophisticated multi-platform applications and systems within hours rather than weeks thus allowing for user experience with the software to be truly maximized and tailored in order to greatly improve business efficiency.


Internal and External Communication Platform

Not only will our Continuum® platform provide your company with the ability to manage your own processes and workflow, but it will also allow for both internal, company-wide as well as external, 3rd party real-time communication.

Our communication platform allows for easy company-wide interaction within different departments as well as B2B and B2C communication with customers, clients, suppliers and business partners.

Continuum Platform Engines


The main engine for user experience and user interface optimization that enables the Continuum’s modules to fit the user’s business logic in terms of interface, language and integration with third party applications.


A strong versatile multi-channel real-time messaging and communication and notification platform. Enables internal company-wide interaction within different departments as well as extrenal B2B and B2C communication.


An artificial intelligence engine that contains state-of-the-art algorithms for machine learning, sentiment analysis, predictive analysis, big data analytics, deep neural networks for multi-level learning, etc. The Cerebrum engine enables the Continuum’s business modules to learn, adapt and evolve overtime to maximize the users business outcomes.

Let your business benefit from the Continuum's powerful engines.

Sypron Solutions specializes in creating tailor-made software solutions specific for your industry, company size and unique business functions. Tailored modules are plugged seamlessly into the Continuum Platform.



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