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Continuum Pharmaceutical CRM (CPC) is a cloud-based solution for tracking your company's procedures and taking control of the entire sales and marketing lifecycles and workflow. Our software is built for medical representatives, marketing teams and providing you with the reports you need.

Medical Representatives & Sales Team

This department is responsible for executing your marketing plan and helping guide your business towards achieving the highest sales revenue. We have built the CPC specifically to improve your team's performance in both marketing and sales bridging the gap in a way only an intelligent software can.

Knowledge Base

We provide your team with a centralized repository of information for all your products and competitors’ products. Knowledge Base aids sales team to train and on-board freshmen and is built based on reliable and updated data. In Addition, knowledge base empowers medical representatives to handle doctor objections instantly while in the field.


When hiring new medical representatives, you will be able to give them important data and tasks from other reps much easier. Compose quizzes to be solved online and graded instantly. Intuitive scoring reports are automatically added to reps credits. Medical Representative can also tag their supervisor during coaching visits.

Auto-scheduling Visits

CPC allows for auto-scheduling ease; planning visits and their date and time according to the account’s location and physician’s average waiting time. Our solution also offers intuitive appointment schedulers to visualize the visits. Features include reminders and notifications, scheduled tasks and requests from the doctor, pop-up messages, mobile messages and e-mails.


The E-Detailing App helps reduce the cost of printing visual-aids.

Feedback from Pharmacies

Medical representatives can submit follow-up commitment reports which provide suggestions of whether to continue or stop visiting a doctor. With CPC, medical representatives can notify supervisors of shortages of inventory using chatter.

Ground-breaking Tools for your Marketing Team

This department sets the marketing plan; creating marketing messages for each product, managing marketing campaigns and tracking products’ life-cycle. CPC is not just a medical representative management system. It also provides the necessary support to help the marketing team automate their plan.

Conduct Surveys & Get Feedback

Online surveys take seconds now to be created and published. Pick your preferred survey type: MCQs, rating, dropdown, fields or free-text. Survey reports  are created upon request. Attractive themes can be used. Getting doctors’ feedback is essential; publish and gather feedback during the conference.

Procurement Bidding

CPC Procurement Bidding is the platform for selecting the best and most convenient deal. Procurement bidding helps visualizing deals on one cross-screen viewed by the entire marketing team.

Product Life-Cycle Tracking

Now you can visualize your products’ life cycle through stages; starting from user trials and ending with the product in patient hands. It also includes reminders of tasks and task assignments.

Tactical Operational Plan Creation

Create and save your Tactical Operational Plan in seconds. Intuitive, easy and expandable forms for creating annual tactical operational plans. Inheriting and passing TOP to managers and medical representatives will now be easier.

Forecasting and ROI Reporting

CPC’s Forecasting and Return of Investment Reporting tools provide valuable data that helps you estimate forecasting in real-time. It also measures the potential ROI of your medical representatives and physician visits. With one click, our solution will gather sales information across the business. Users can also customize charts and reports based on key metrics; by country, product, therapeutic area or doctor’s priority.

IMS Data Analysis

You can now conduct your sales revenue reporting real-time and select a specified product or product line to be exported into a unique report. Moreover, you can set a given time and date to generate your customized reports.

Sales Revenue

Customized Reports and Dashboards

Create your real-time preferred reports and dashboard. These reports and dashboards allow you to track product lines, teams or channel profitability. Our intelligent solution allows you to access your data from mobile devices any time.

Additional Features

Among the technologies your teams privilege are digital maps technology and centralized database. Medical representatives will never get lost again, gain accurate routing to their destination and add long addresses with on single click. On top of that, critical and secured information is always updated no more time wasting based on false profiling information.

Digital Map Technology

We ensure that your medical representatives never waste time again. Able to find ‘nearest physician to nearest pharmacy’.

GPS Technology

Routing to accounts is easier now and their location is always updated in real-time.

Location Stamp

Forget typing in long addresses. One click on the ‘Location Stamp’ and your accounts location is saved.

Automatic Association of Contacts to Accounts

Automatic association between physicians, hospitals and pharmacies.

Up-to Date Information

Keep your physician's list updated and keep track of their information accessible from anywhere anytime.

Secure Network

We ensure that all your information and data is safe and secure.

Follow-up with ease!

Physicians activities and prescriptions are now easily tracked; even their birthdays and anniversaries. All saved and accessible in one place.

Communicate with ease

Send bulk email to your physician list with one click. It’s much easier now after grouping physicians and creating email templates.

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