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On mega scale, here at Sypron Solutions we are proud to support agricultural organizations. Flores provides organizations with full Agribusiness Analytics Suite. The gigantic initiative is to empower organization with clear data description and with supporting prescriptive analytics. The powerful suite is planned to be globally utilized.

On large scale, Flores facilitate agribusiness management for small and mid-sized enterprises. It’s done by bridging the gaps between agricultural practices, harvesting & cultivation and financial management. Agribusiness development is more structured and visualized by our intuitive milestone charts.

Static & Dynamic Visualization

Monitoring agricultural fields can benefit enterprises and organizations from different perspectives.  Static and dynamic visualization provide data that increase efficiency of farming process and improve the farming quality. Accordingly, the anticipated results are adding profit and enhancing field’s quality.

Interactive Farm Mapping, NDVI Maps, Dynamic Tracking



Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) grids and maps that are derived from satellite data. We are proud to supply you with the measurement of the amount of live green vegetation. This will help you to take better decisions regarding field’s cultivation. Evaluate  soil condition, as well to comparing it to the previous years.

  • Clear detection whether crop development and amount of green matter at a certain date are better or worse than an average year.
  • Differentiate bare soil from grass or forest.
  • Detect plants under stress.
  • Differentiate between crops and crop stages.
  • Among with, soil condition and health indicators.
  • Print map images in high resolution.

Dynamic Tracking

The non-intrusive solution helps you track tractors, trucks and any shipping machinery. All your drivers have to do is to download the mobile application and you’re good to go. This will help you allocate better payments for your drivers based on their performance. In addition, provide accurate crop shipment information to your clients.

  • Tracking tractor performance, movement and speeding.
  • Immediate alerts in case of absence
  • Immediate alerts in case of geographical fencing violations
  • Report of hourly work viewed on your farm’s map, fuel combustion.

Cloud Knowledge Base

The Continuum – Flores offers a cloud knowledge base to be the solution for the unstable information flow that troubles farmers. Cloud Knowledge Base is purposely made as the channel between agricultural organizations and enterprises and farmers from all over the globe. The intelligent cloud based solution is the online agent for organizations and enterprises where their latest  researches recommend the farmer with the right decision.

Organizations and enterprises can make use of their data, through subscription to our service, they will be able to utilize Flores’ intelligent engine which will support farmers and workers decision making process.

Discover the vitality of our Cloud Knowledge Base

Challenges & Roadblocks

Farmers face challenges and roadblocks in information flow Farmers typically face following challenges in receiving timely and personalized information;

  1. Fellow farmers do not have the best or most up to date knowledge.
  2. Farmer has to travel to offices of agricultural department for information.  This is a costly and time consuming activity.
  3. Radio or TV programs are broadcast at a predefined schedule which may or may not be convenient for the farmer.
  4. Field agents of pesticide or seed companies are unable to pay frequent and timely visits to all farmers.

Desired future state

Information availability to farmers, on demand and  personalized to their needs. Majority of farmers in villages lack rich information they need.

Discover a Case Study for the solution

Case Study

It’s the beginning of soybean growing season, and Ana Luisa has noticed an up normal condition for her crops appearance. Luckily, she won’t have to wait for an agronomist or check for a solution in a gigantic book or travel long distances for the nearest agricultural office. she has reported the crisis to the interactive cloud knowledge base through her cellphone. The symptoms she has picked are; On leaves, lesions are small, irregular to circular and gray with reddish-brown borders, and stems appear as narrow, red-brown lesions. The intelligent solution checks the probability of the root cause to be a noninfectious disorder as temperature and moisture extremes , hail , wind, lightning, unfavorable light  through out weather and NDVI maps results and pre-entered values. After that, looks for pathogens with similar symptoms to support her with the right management decision. In addition the system will show her a picture to confirm the disease. Final stage is recommending her with the right management.After applying predictive analytics practices, They will reduce survival of Frog-eye Leaf Spot.

Field, Crop and Herd Management

Considered the core of Flores. Stay on top of your agriculture production. Keep track of all processes and finances, control production activities and save time, energy and money.

Field is your 360 view  for all your fields. This module is an intuitive dashboard consolidates all your field’s records in one location. Besides keeping your entire field’s history over the years, the smart module provides farmers with field utilization overview and soil analysis records to leverage the most out of the field.

Crop is your 360 view  for all your crops. This module is an intuitive dashboard consolidates all your crop’s records in one location. Besides keeping your entire crop’s history over the years.

Herd is your 360 view  for all your crops. All profiles are consolidated in a single location that you can access anytime and anywhere. Use the RFID Reader to retrieve all information you need for a specific animal. On top of that let Agatha – analytical suite predict your next must do practices to maximize your profit.



The goal of using portfolio and content management software is to receive better information to make better decisions with faster pace. Agatha – Sypron Solution analytics & reports technology is what defines the intelligence in Flores. Agatha provides Flores with the intelligent extension that makes Flores different; other than Agribusiness Software Solutions. It’s proved, Flores isn’t for tracking, monitoring and keeping history. Flores brings Artificial Intelligence to Farming.

Data Visualization

Flores provides module to give you instant insight in a user-friendly interface. The module consolidates different representations to support you with clear data representation and charts. Such as: Graphical, Geometric, Icon-based, pixel-based, Hierarchal and Hybrid Representations.

Descriptive Analytics

After gathering the data, it’s useless without extracting the statistics you need. These statistics empowers you in taking decisions to maximize your profits. This module purpose is to describe the data and provide you with information you need instantly. Used techniques are Data Summarization, Data Clustering and Sequence Discovery.

Predictive Analytics

Both Data Visualization & Descriptive Analytics are the initiatives for predicting the future states based on current and previous states. The truly-aiding module is synchronized with your calendar to see the big picture, synchronized with the future.

Prescriptive Analytics

This module is all about providing advice to farmers. The magical solution predicts not only what will happen, but also why it will happen providing recommendations regarding actions that will take advantage of the predictions.

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