Sypron's Hyperloop Transportation Platform

HTP is a global technical professional society promoting the development and application of Hyperloop industry for the benefit of humanity providing a reliable reference and knowledge hub for countries and investors willing to apply the technology on their premises.

The Hyperport

HTP team works on studies related to Tube Specifications, Capsule design and Station concept (Sypron Hyperhoop®)

Continuum H

Hyperloop Software systems (commercial, Operational and Educational) hosted on the Continuum Platform to inherit intelligence, connectivity and continuity aspects of the Continuum Platform.

Experience Design

Products and designs related to Hyperloop passengers experience during the entire trip.

Sypron's Hyperloop Vision

In Sypron Solutions we believe in tech sustainability, and the Hyperloop is one of the main projects our vision is based on. We are working to build a reliable platform to be at the heart of the future of transportation. HTP is based on emerging cutting edge technologies along side with Hyperloop feasibility studies and implementation plans. Sypron Solutions presents Hyperloop concept in 4 major categories each of which has its social and sustainable development goals.

Sypron's Hyperloop Summer School

Sypron Hyperloop’s launched its International Hyperloop Summer School. Sypron’s Hyperloop School is the the first of its kind in the world that represents a major step forward for community of “The Future of Transportation” worldwide. The First event will be held in UAE in August 2018.

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